New England Baptist College (A Ministry of Central Baptist Church)


The purpose of New England Baptist College is to prepare Christians to serve as leaders in various Baptist Church ministries -- leading others toward righteousness and holiness. Leaders, by the very definition, must be willing to exhibit standards of conduct and dress that are above reproach and that will not cause others to stumble. Leadership requires sacrifice, determination, humility, and the application of scriptural principles to one"s life. It is important that each student willingly follow the rules and guidelines set forth by New England Baptist College.

  • Students will attend church services Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening each week at the Central Baptist Church (or other approved church).
  • Students will go soul winning at least two hours each week.
  • Students will serve in the ministry of the Central Baptist Church (or other approved church) in some Christian service capacity each week.
  • Ladies will wear skirts or dresses which are no shorter than the bottom of the knee when sitting or standing. Skirts will not be slit above the bottom of the knee.
  • Men will be clean-shaven and have an appropriate masculine haircut (off the collar and ears, tapered on the sides and in the back).
  • Men will wear dress shirts and ties to class. Men are not to wear earrings or necklaces.

A safe and godly environment for your young people is our most important priority. You can call Dr. Brown's office (860-621-6701) at any time you need information.